Bernie Sanders says New tax bill ‘a disaster for the American people’

On the day the House approved a major tax code rewrite — sending new legislation to the desk of President Donald Trump — Sen. Bernie Sanders voiced his clear disapproval.

“This is a disaster for the American people,” Sanders told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

“I think the Republicans will rue the day. They may be celebrating today, but I have the feeling that next November they will not be celebrating quite as much.”

With zero Democratic support, the bill passed the House by a count of 224-201. Tuesday’s vote was the second of its kind in as many days, after several items were removed by the Senate following an initial House vote on the measure.

As Blitzer suggested that the legislation marked a significant win for the President, the Independent from Vermont offered his perspective.

“It is a victory for billionaires like Donald Trump, it’s a victory for wealthy campaign contributors like the Koch Brothers,” said Sanders, who described the new policy as being “based on the fraudulent theory of trickle-down economics.”

“Problem is,” said Sanders, “that theory has never worked.”