Hillary Clinton’s favorability has a drops to a new low

Hillary Clinton’s favorability has hit a new law, a Gallup poll revealed on Tuesday.

The former Democratic presidential nominee’s rating is the lowest ever recorded by Gallup, with only 36 per cent of respondents saying they viewed her favorably.

Her unfavorability rating has also hit a new high, with 61 per cent of respondents viewing her unfavorably.

Gallup said that she beat previous low of favorability, which was at 38 per cent at the outset of the general election last year and in 1992, during Bill Clinton’s presidential election.

Her favorability has dropped five percentage points since June, when a poll of national adults showed 41 per cent rated her favorability.

The results are based on a Gallup poll results from December 4 to 11 based on interviews with 1,049 adults.

Clinton’s favorability rating has varied over the last 25 years, with her highest favorability rating being 67 per cent in December 1998.

The rating came after the House of Representatives voted to impeach her husband, then-President Bill Clinton.