‘It’s Just Too Easy’: Gutfeld on SNL Actor Getting Hillary Clinton Tattoo

Greg Gutfeld reacted to “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson’s announcement that he got a tattoo of Hillary Clinton as a Christmas “gift” to the former secretary of state.

“It’s just too easy,” Gutfeld said. “Too easy to ridicule, too hard to ignore.”

Gutfeld said Davidson credited Clinton with being a “bad a**.”

He said that meant both the Staten Island, N.Y. native and the former New York senator have something in common – “they both have an a** on their arm” – referring to Bill Clinton in Hillary’s case.

“I could say this is the funniest thing Peter has ever done, but that’s just too easy,” Gutfeld said.

Gutfeld said sometimes people who get tattoos later regret their decision, but joked that unlike Clinton’s public presence, tattoos are easier to make disappear.

“The Five” later shared their top choice for a tattoo subject, if they ever got one.