Ivana Trump weighs in on Melania, Donald, and Weinstein scandal

Ivana Trump says what Weinstein did is ‘disgusting’ as Trump’s first wife adds she never liked him adding he was ‘always unshaven’ and ‘badly dressed’.

Ivana Trump had harsh words for disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein after she says she’s gotten to know him in social settings- and it was not a pleasant experience.

‘I knew him from the parties, I knew him from Cannes… I really never liked him, he was always unshaven, unkempt, badly dressed — I really never liked him,’ Donald Trump’s first wife said in an interview with Extra.

‘I can imagine the actresses that try to get a role in his film, what they had to go through. I think it’s disgusting and inexcusable,’ the 68-year-old added during her sit down interview.

The first wife of President Donald Trump also took shots at First Lady Melania. The feud between the Trump ladies started Monday when Ivana said she was still in contact with the president and speaks with him every two weeks.

Ivana then called herself the ‘first lady’ in her interview promoting her memoir ‘Raising Trump’ on Good Morning America. ‘Melania is there and I don’t want to cause any kind of jealousy or anything like that because I’m the first Trump wife. I’m the first lady, OK?’ she said.

The clap back from the East Wing of the White House followed almost immediately with Melania calling her an ‘attention seeker’ in a statement later in the day.

But Ivana, who was married to Donald from 1997-1992 kept the feud ignited Wednesday. She said to Extra ‘I consider myself First Trump lady. I didn’t say the ‘White House lady.” I have no idea why she did it. Maybe insecurities, who knows why? I have no idea. I frankly don’t care.’

The former fashion model also said she has not spoken to or reached out to Melania to patch things up.

Ivana gave her ex husband the seal of approval on his role at commander-in-chief saying ‘He’s different. He’s loud and people listen to him. I think he’s doing a very good job at running the country as a business.’

She also gave a lukewarm review of First Lady Melania ‘I think she is doing fine, she does the best she can… It’s better her than me. I prefer my freedom.’

In her book, Ivana also takes aim at Marla Maples, who was married to Donald from 1993-1999, but backed away at stirring the pot further in her interview with Extra saying ‘I will not discuss the showgirl.’