Trump celebrates GOP tax cut bill ‘Merry Christmas America!’

President Donald Trump hailed his tax cut victory as the start of ‘a very special period of time’ in America on Wednesday as he promised the reforms would lead to ‘jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs.’

‘We are making America great again!’ Trump said at an outdoor ceremony on the South Lawn of the White House with Republican lawmakers.

Vice President Mike Pence, who was up late last night presiding over the final vote in the Senate, declared the bill’s passage a ‘middle class miracle’ and shouted, ‘Merry Christmas America!’

GOP leaders congratulated Trump on the legislative achievement – the first major one of his presidency – one-by-one in remarks that praised him as the greatest executive officeholder in decades.

‘Something this big, something this generational, something this profound could not have been done without exquisite presidential leadership. Mr. President, thank you for getting us over the finish line,’ said House Speaker Paul Ryan.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell likewise said, ‘America is going to start growing again. Thank you Mr. President for all you’re doing.’

‘But for your leadership, we would not be here today,’ House Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady piled on.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House majority leader, at his turn said, ‘This is a big day for America. This is America’s comeback.

‘Come February check your check, because that will be the pay raise of the vote for Donald Trump,’ McCarthy stated.

Senator Orrin Hatch, the Senate Finance Chairman, effusively said that Trump was ‘one heck of a leader’ and the bill ‘could not have passed without you.’

‘We’re making headway. This is just the beginning,’ the Utah senator who has not declared his intent to run for re-election next year said. ‘I just hope that we call get behind him every way we can and we’ll get this country turned around in ways that will benefit the whole world.’

Hatch said, ‘We’re gonna make this the greatest presidency that we’ve seen not only in generations but maybe ever. God bless all of you.’

The president told lawmakers in his remarks that the negotiation process has ‘been an amazing experience,’ and Republicans have now ‘broke every record’ with the size of tax slash.

‘It was a lot of fun. It’s always fun when you work hard and win,’ Trump assessed. ‘If you work hard and lose, that’s not acceptable.’

Trump had proclaimed the GOP tax cut plan a ‘historic victory’ earlier on Wednesday as the House headed to the floor for final passage.

‘It will be an incredible Christmas gift for hard-working Americans. I said I wanted to have it done before Christmas. We got it done,’ he said.

Trump harrumphed to his cabinet that Democrats, who did not give the bill a single vote in either chamber, ‘don’t like to see tax-cutting’ and ‘they like to complain.’

Minutes later, the House voted to approve the legislation for a second time without their help, having had to take up an amended version after a hiccup in the Senate invalidated the bill the lower chamber passed yesterday.

The legislation sailed through by a 224-201 margin with 12 Republicans crossing party lines to side against it.

‘Now this historic legislation will be sent to the president’s desk so we can start 2018 with a new tax code,’ Ryan said in a statement once voting had finished.