Trump promises ‘great transparency’ with JFK assassination files

Donald Trump is promising ‘great transparency’ in the release of the government’s records of the John F. Kennedy assassination, even as the CIA and FBI struggle to hang on to about 200 documents that they don’t want released in full.

The National Archives put nearly 2,900 of the files online Thursday night, but conspiracy enthusiasts and historians alike are convinced the juicy bits will be in what’s being held back.

The files ‘are being carefully released,’ Trump tweeted Friday morning. ‘In the end there will be great transparency. It is my hope to get just about everything to public!’

White House officials say the president is unhappy that U.S. spy and law enforcement agencies are holding back some papers that they claim pose a risk to national security unless parts of them are ‘redacted’ – blacked out – before letting Americans see them.

Trump said he ‘had no choice’ but to allow the redactions, but has set a six-month deadline for the agencies to explain why they shouldn’t be overruled.

‘He was unhappy with the level of redactions,’ a White House official told CNN.

The person added that ‘Trump believed the agencies were “not meeting the spirit of the law.”‘

The White House have released thousands of new documents regarding the assassination of former US President John F. #Kennedy two years into his Presidency in 1963. The shooting of #JFK has been a festering hive for conspiracy theories over the last five decades, because the conclusion that the Warren Commission came to seemed a little bit too convenient, plus the trajectory of the bullet didn’t line up with what they said, leading to the “magic bullet” theory.