A very rare sight! Trump is spotted in GLASSES after another round of golf

President Donald Trump was seen wearing a pair of eyeglasses on his way back from golfing on Sunday.

Photographers caught the 70-year-old wearing a pair perched on the tip of his nose as he sat in the back of his limousine after another afternoon spent at the Trump National Golf Course in Sterling, Virginia.

The links-friendly president paired the spectacles with his signature Make America Great Again hat.

And though the President does have his own line of stylish men’s glasses – he didn’t appear to be wearing one of his own designs on Sunday.

Trump isn’t normally spotted wearing glasses; in fact the last time he wore them in public was in November 2016 – just after he won the campaign.

However, a source close to the administration tells DailyMail.com that he often wears them in his office and while he is working, then takes them off when cameras come around – suggesting that he does so for vanity’s sake.

Additionally, the source explained that his wearing them probably meant that he was getting some work done during in the car after an afternoon leisurely spent.

Needing glasses wouldn’t be so weird for someone of Trump’s age – as most people need glasses or something else to aid their vision by the time they hit 70.

In fact, it’s surprising we don’t see him wearing them more often.

During the 2016 presidential campaign he was pictured once wearing them to peruse the New York times.

Another time at the beginning of the campaign he wore them during a speech before the New Hampshire primary. and another time during a Stump Speech when he recited the poem ‘The Snake.’