Alpharetta mansion might be the safest house in the US

A mansion with a bevy of built-in security features, which some say could be the safest house in the country, has hit the market for $14.7million.

The Rice House in Alpharetta, Georgia is an eight-bedroom, 36,000 square-foot fortress sitting on 3.5 acres of land within a gated community in the wealthy Atlanta suburb.

The property’s listing boasts of a bevy of luxurious amenities, including a private theater, bowling alley, infinity pool, shooting range and wine cellar.

But the mansion’s hidden security features, overseen by a former US Justice Department secure installation designer, make it an impregnable fortress suited for the most paranoid of millionaires.

The owner, who spent $30million constructing the property to exacting specifications, built it on a lark, though – at least according to the listing agent.

‘He said to me, “If anyone wants to get me, they can find me at Chick-fil-A”,’ broker Paul Wegener, of Atlanta Fine Homes Sotheby’s International Realty, told Bloomberg recently.

The listing claims the home is ‘one of, if not the, safest home in America’.

Secret doors in the house lead to a 15,000-square-foot bunker, where one could conceivably hole up for years.

The water supply is self-sufficient, drawn from three artesian wells on the property. Likewise for the solar energy system and geothermal heating supplying the bunker.

Above ground, the house boasts ballistic doors that can withstand the fire of an AK-47, and a car vault big enough to hold 30 vehicles, with the entrance concealed behind a waterfall.

The master bedroom and guest bedroom also have their own independent safe rooms, and there’s a observation tower with glass floor and stairs and a secret spiral staircase entry.

The listing recently dropped to $14.7million from the original $17.5million, and the estate still needs to be finished, which would cost an additional estimated $3-5million.