At least 7 dead, 15 injured in possible act of terror on NYC bike path in Lower Manhattan

At least seven people are dead and more than a dozen were injured after a truck mowed down people on a bike path in New York City Tuesday.

City officials believe this incident was deliberate and a possible act of terrorism.

The incident happened just after 3 p.m. ET on the bike path that runs along the West Side Highway in Lower Manhattan.

The NYPD said a truck entered the West Street pedestrian/bike path a few blocks north of Chambers Street. It proceeded to strike multiple people on the path.

The vehicle continued south, striking another vehicle. The driver exited the vehicle displaying imitation firearms and was shot by NYPD officers, investigators said.

The suspect is in custody.

One witness report is that the suspect yelled ‘Ali Akbar” after getting out of the vehicle. Police are interviewing more witnesses at the scene.

Multiple fatalities and injuries are reported, and a senior law enforcement source said at least seven are dead and 15 are injured.

The truck is a white rental truck, which can be seen in this photo provided by NYPD:

A spokesperson for Home Depot confirmed that it’s a truck that belongs to the retail chain:

“I can confirm it was a Home Depot rental truck. We’ll be cooperating with authorities in their investigation. At this point you’ll need to speak with them for any additional information.”

According to a spokesman for Mayor Bill de Blasio, the mayor has been briefed on the incident and said there is no active threat.

The sprawling crime scene runs several blocks. A suspect, who may have been shot by police, is in custody.

A witness said a man drove his pickup truck down the bike lane on the West Side Highway and ran over multiple people. The truck then crashed into a school bus at Chambers and West, the witness said, adding that the vehicle could not move anymore so the suspect got out and started shooting.

The FBI is responding to the scene.