Barbra Streisand targets Trump in new song ‘Don’t lie to me’

Music legend Barbra Streisand has released her own diss track targeting President Donald Trump in a song entitled ‘Don’t Lie to Me’.

The 76-year-old singer’s new hit, released Thursday, is her first song since 2005 where she vents on the political climate under the Trump administration.

Streisand said she initially aimed to include ‘very subtle’ references to Trump, but confessed ‘I just went ballistic’ in writing the lyrics.

From the first words, the song targets Trump’s integrity saying: ‘Why can’t you just tell me the truth? It’s hard to believe the things you say.’

She continues: ‘How do you win if we all lose?/ You change the facts to justify/ Your lips move but your words get in the way.’

Her chorus questions the nation’s leader and pleads for change saying: ‘How do you sleep and the world keeps turning? All that we built has come undone/ How do you sleep when the world is burning?/ Everyone answers to someone/ Don’t lie to me.’

The song will be featured on her new album ‘Walls’ out on November 2.

‘I just can’t stand what’s going on. His assault on our democracy, our institutions, our founders – I think we’re in a fight. … We’re in a war for the soul of America,’ the Oscar, Grammy and Emmy winner said.

She said the words came to her as she was listening to the news during a road trip, which ‘was making me sick, listening to lies, listening to things that are such craziness.’

‘I wanted to talk about the things that were making me feel so sad, heartbroken. I’m a kind of fierce American. I don’t know who we are anymore as a country,’ Streisand said.

‘Are we embracing people who flee oppression? Or are we separating children from parents, putting them in cages? I don’t know if people care about the planet, the survival of the planet. Do they care about clean air? Clean water? Clean food? If they do, how could they vote for somebody like Trump, who believes it’s a hoax?’ she added.

Other song on her upcoming 11-track album also feature political themes and reworks classics like ‘Imagine’, ‘What a Wonderful World’, and ‘What the World Needs Now’.

Streisand says she ‘kind of dedicates this album to the young people who are speaking out’.

‘I’m frightened for this country. And yet, I have hope,’ Streisand said.

‘It’s important that people vote. It’s important that people believe in the power of their own voice and how much that changes things. It’s like the kids speaking out, the Parkland kids,’ she added.

‘It’s easy to feel powerless now but we’re not if each of us speak up and get out and vote,’ Streisand said.

Speaking to Billboard, she called Trump the ‘Liar in Chief, the Groper in Chief’, adding the song is her form of dissent.

‘This way my way to do my record, because what else could I think about? It’s my protest, in a sense, about this unprecedented time in our history. What it says about America,’ she said.

‘We have to give up the electoral college system, that’s what I know. I think people should vote for the president of the United Status – the popular vote should count. Give people a voice; one vote, one voice,’ she added.