Bill and Hillary Clinton See Off-Broadway’s Little Rock

Bill Clinton took a break from the US Open for a date night at the theater with Hillary.

The political power couple were spotted watching off-Broadway play Little Rock at the Sheen Center in Manhattan on Tuesday night.

A standing ovation greeted the Clintons as they arrived for a performance of the critically-praised production, which tells the story of the Little Rock Nine.

The Clintons attended the play on the 61-year-anniversary of the day nine black students were barred from attending Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas.

They were joined by their friend Ernest Green, a member of the Little Rock Nine and the first black student to ever graduate from the school.

Green, and other members of the Little Rock Nine, were awarded the Congressional Gold Medal from Clinton during his presidency in 1999.

After the performance, the Clintons led a standing ovation of their own for the cast and then greeted them on stage, according toBroadway World.

They later took pictures with the cast and crew, including a selfie that was posted on the play’s official Instagram page.

‘ICONIC: Former President Bill Clinton, Secretary Hillary Clinton and Ernest Green, member of Little Rock Nine, joined us for tonight’s performance!’ the caption read.

Actor Charlie Hudson III, who plays Green in the play, also posted pictures.

‘The Clintons and Bro Ernest Green came to the show tonight!’ he wrote in the caption.

‘The President and Bro. Green said I play the sax better than they ever could, lol.’

The couple may have gone to the play on the recommendation of their daughter Chelsea, who was spotted at a performance on August 15.

Bill, an Arkansas native, also has a long history of his own with the state.

After meeting Hillary at Yale Law School, Clinton began teaching law at the University of Arkansas and ran for a seat in the US House of Representatives.

Hillary had turned down his many marriage proposals, but changed her plans after she failed the District of Columbia Bar Exam but passed the Arkansas exam.

‘I chose to follow my heart instead of my head,’ she would later write.