Binational couple get married at the border of the US and Mexico

Proving that love knows no boundaries, a Mexican woman and an American man met at a gate that has been briefly opened in the fence separating their countries to exchange their vows.

The US Border Patrol opened the gate at Playas de Tijuana, known as the Door of Hope in San Diego, for one hour on Saturday, allowing quick meetings for friends and relatives from both sides.

In the crowd on the Mexican side was Evelia Reyes, who arrived wearing a white wedding dress, a long flowing train and a white veil, waiting to meet her groom, Brian Houston.

She was accompanied by three children from her previous marriage, including a young daughter also dressed in white.

‘For a relationship this wall does not exist, for love there are no borders,’ Reyes gushed.

At the gate a Mexican judge promptly married her to Houston, who approached from the US side dressed in a smart grey suit.

The wife of the mayor of Tijuana and the local Mexican Human Rights commissioner served as witnesses.

Reyes, a native of the southern Mexican state of Guerrero, said she met Houston in Tijuana three years ago.

Lacking immigration documents she could not travel to the United States – a problem likely to be solved with the marriage.

And Houston, a US resident, told the San Diego Tribune he could not visit Tijuana for reasons he wouldn’t elaborate.

The heavy steel gate is at Border Field State Park in San Diego, and has opened six times since 2013. It’s in a small strip of land where families from both sides can see one another, but not touch, any time they want.

The crowd gathered at the gate under the watchful eye of US Border Patrol agents to witness the joyful moment.

The event was organized by Border angels, an immigrant rights advocacy group. The group’s director, Enrique Morones, said there was just enough time at the event for 12 families to reunite.

‘These families can be together only for five minutes, it’s the saddest thing to see,’ he said.

Most of the 2,000-mile US-Mexico border has some type of barrier, but President Donald Trump has promised to build a wall along the entire frontier, straining relations between the United States and Mexico.