Donald Trump thanks everyone on Thanksgiving

President Donald Trump in his Thanksgiving Day address to the nation has suggested that enthusiasm in America is at an all time high right now.

Trump posted his four-minute video on Twitter on Thursday during which he recounted the tale of the pilgrims traveling to North America, praised the military and beefed up his administration’s accomplishments.

‘We are doing something very special… people are feeling it,’ Trump said toward the end of his speech.

‘The enthusiasm in this country has never been higher. We’re very, very happy on this Thanksgiving Day.’

He started off the address talking about how the pilgrims traveled to North America on the Mayflower back in 1620, saying they were ‘rich in faith, courage and dreams’ despite their limited resources.

‘Today we give thanks for all of the pilgrims, pioneers and patriots who have gone before us, and for all those warriors who have kept us safe and free,’ Trump said.

‘This week, we know that thousands of men and women in uniform won’t be able to come home for Thanksgiving. We’re eternally grateful for their courage, heroism and sacrifice.’

He went on to praise those who volunteer, specifically pointing out those who helped in natural disasters that have struck this year.

‘This year, in the face of painful hardships, we have seen the incredible strength of the American spirit,’ Trump said.

The President also touted his administration’s accomplishments, including the economy, stock market and job growth.

He also boasted of the same accomplishments on Twitter first thing on Thursday and again during a conference call with overseas troops.

‘Our country is doing very well. Our stock market has hit a new all-time high. Unemployment has hit a 17 year low. We’ve created $5.5 trillion worth of values,’ he said.