Fox News anchor suggests church is best place to get shot

A Fox News host suggested that there’s no better place to get shot than in a church.

Ainsley Earhardt offered up her controversial opinion in the wake of the Texas massacre that left 26 dead and around 20 injured.

She said: ‘We’ve been reporting this shouldn’t happen in a church, but I was downstairs talking with some people that work here — we all talk about our faith and we share the same beliefs — we were saying there’s no other place we would wanna go other than church, because I’m there, asking for forgiveness, I feel very close to Christ when I’m there.

‘So I’m trying to look at some positives here. I know that those people are with the Lord now and experiencing eternity and no more suffering and no more sadness any more.’

Devin Kelley targeted a church his in-laws attend, said police.Wilson County Sheriff Joe Tackitt said around 12 to 14 children were killed at a Baptist church in Sutherland Springs on Sunday.

Kelley’s in-laws were not inside the church at the time of the shooting. Neither was his ex-wife.

Tackitt told reporters: ‘We’re going to have to have counseling for our offices.

‘I knew probably at least a dozen. These were good people, all good people, and it’s just so sad. Especially, like I said, the little ones. We all feel for the little ones.

‘Everyone needs to go home and hug their children, because we never know when something like this is going to happen.’

He added: ‘Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.’