Fox News Poll: Trump’s personal ratings have deteriorated and his job approval has hit a low

Was it the tweet storms or the hurricanes? Something hit President Trump’s numbers. His personal ratings have deteriorated and his job approval has hit a low.

Thirty-eight percent of voters approve of the job Trump is doing in a new Fox News poll, down from 42 percent last month. At the same time, disapproval is up 4 points to a high of 57 percent. That includes 49 percent who “strongly” disapprove.

Some of the drop comes from white men without a college degree, as 56 percent approve of the president, down from 68 percent last month. Working-class white men were a key voting bloc for him in the election (71 percent backed Trump according to the Fox News Exit Poll).

Also, his approval among white evangelical Christians went from 74 percent last month to 66 percent now. Eighty percent backed him in the election.

Approval among independents fell to 30 percent (46 percent of independents voted for Trump).

Republican support held steady at 83 percent approval.

John Kelly bests his boss: 42 percent approve of the job the White House chief of staff is doing, while 30 percent disapprove. Twenty-nine percent of voters are unable to rate him, including 25 percent of Republicans. Fewer Republicans approve of Kelly (69 percent) than Trump (83 percent). Yet more than three times as many Democrats approve of Kelly (24 vs. 7 percent).

Thirty-three percent think Trump is honest and trustworthy, though that’s hardly changed from just before the election when 35 percent felt that way (November 2016).

Roughly 4-in-10 think Trump has the knowledge (38 percent), compassion (37 percent), and judgment (37 percent) to serve effectively as president.

A similar 38 percent believe Trump “cares about people like me,” while 6-in-10 disagree (60 percent). Those most likely to feel he doesn’t care include non-whites (79 percent), women (68 percent), voters under age 45 (68 percent), and lower-income voters (67 percent).

Trump’s favorability stands at 39 percent. That’s down from 44 percent in August, and a high of 47 percent in June. His unfavorable number is 59 percent.

Voters are more favorable toward Melania Trump than her husband, but her numbers have taken a hit too. She’s at 45 percent favorable and 34 percent unfavorable. It was 51-28 percent in June.

The White House receives mixed marks for its response to recent disasters. Voters give net positive ratings for the response to the hurricanes that hit Houston (+7 points) and Florida (+2), but sharply negative ratings to how it responded to the Puerto Rico hurricane (-32), mass shooting in Las Vegas (-23), and the California wildfires (-21).