George H.W. Bush calls Trump a “blowhard” in new book

A presidential dogfight erupted Saturday between the Trump administration and a pair of former commanders-in-chief.

George H.W. Bush goes on record in a new book, “The Last Republicans,” called President Trump a “blowhard.”

His son, George W. Bush, is quoted in the tome saying of Trump that “this guy doesn’t know what it means to be President.”

The book by Mark K. Updegrove was previewed by The New York Times and CNN on Friday.

The comments come two weeks after George W. Bush warned of divisiveness and threats to modern democracy in a sweeping speech that took clear aim at Trump — without ever mentioning him by name.

Previously, Bush had not commented publicly about his thoughts on the Trump era, other than reports he considered the 45th President’s inauguration speech was “some weird s–t.”

“If you look at the Bush family, it makes perfect sense. Donald Trump is everything that the Bush family is not,” Updegrove told CNN’s Jamie Gangel. “George Bush grew up thinking about the greater good. Donald Trump is manifestly narcissistic. It’s part of his brand. And that brand is the antithesis of the Bush brand.”

Updegrove said the book title came from a comment made by the younger Bush last year.

George W. Bush, who told CNN he believes there is a “battle over the soul” of the GOP, told the author, “You know, I fear that I will be the last Republican president.”

The White House responded with a scathing statement calling the Iraq war, started under the 43rd President, “one of the greatest foreign policy mistakes in American history.”

“If one presidential candidate can disassemble a political party, it speaks volumes about how strong a legacy its past two presidents really had,” a White House official told CNN. “And that begins with the Iraq war, one of the greatest foreign policy mistakes in American history.”

During a heated Republican debate last year in which Trump exchanged blows with another member of the Bush clan the President blamed George W. Bush not only for the quagmire in Iraq but also the 9/11 terror attacks.

“The World Trade Center came down during your brother’s reign. Remember that,” Trump told his primary opponent, former Florida governor Jeb Bush.

Neither of the former Republican Presidents voted for Trump.

George H.W. Bush confirmed that he voted for Hillary Clinton and his son said he left the top of his ballot blank.