He has the Trump hair!’ New mother Lara proudly gushes over baby Luke

‘He’s a great baby… He has the Trump hair!’ New mother Lara proudly gushes over baby Luke, as she and keen hunter Eric take cameras on a tour of their son’s safari-themed nursery.

Proud new parents Eric and Lara Trump welcomed cameras into their New York home this week, sharing a sneak peek inside their newborn son’s nursery, while also happily showing off the adorable tot to the world.

Eric, 33, and Lara, 35, invited Fox & Friends into their lavish New York apartment earlier this week for an interview which aired on Friday morning.

But while the couple was keen to address several hot topic issues regarding President Donald Trump’s administration, the real hit of the segment was their sweet one-month-old son Luke, who Lara proudly gushed is a ‘great baby’ who ‘really does not cry’.

‘He’s a great baby, he really does not cry that much, he’s so sweet… and he has a lot of hair!’ the new mom said of her son when asked by correspondent Ainsley Earhardt.

‘Apparently he has more hair than most babies!’ she added, prompting husband Eric to chime in: ‘He has the Trump hair!’

Certainly little Luke can give his grandfather Donald Trump a run for his money in the hair department, with the cameras zooming in to capture his shock of blonde locks as he slept in his mother’s arms.

During the interview, Lara also opened up about her inspiration for Luke’s name, explaining: ‘Luke was my dad’s dad, and I heard such incredible stories about him, and I always said that if I had a son, I’d really love to name him after my grandfather.

‘So it’s very special.’

While the mother-of-one did not share whether her family has had much the chance to spend much time with her newborn, Eric proudly revealed that his father spent ‘a bunch of time’ with ‘little Luke’ during his trip to the UN in September, when he spent several days in New York.