Hillary boosts book ‘I’m on top of a list of favorite 2017 books’

In a trio of tweets, Hillary Clinton gushed about her book tour and the fact that her tome, What Happened, topped Time magazine’s best of 2017 list – at the same time her husband’s sexual misdeeds were being brought back up in the news.

‘Wow. I wasn’t sure how letting my guard down would go…but it’s been cathartic & rewarding,’ Clinton wrote Tuesday evening. ‘I loved writing this book, & I’m honored to be in such great company on this list!’

She linked to a new NowThis Politics interview where she regaled tales from the tour, including when Clinton talked to a woman who had thought about committing suicide – but was inspired by the first female nominee to keep going – and another male supporter, who channeled Clinton’s strength when coming out as gay.

The book, it was not only catharsis for me, it turned out to [be] catharsis for lots of people,’ Clinton told NowThis News’ Nico Pitney.

In the interview, Clinton shared a moment from a book tour stop in Montclair, New Jersey when a young woman came up to her and gave her thanks.

The woman, Clinton said, told the ex-Democratic nominee she ‘had a very hard time in the last year or two’ and ‘didn’t think I wanted to keep living.’

‘But then I would see you and all of the stuff you were taking and I thought to myself, “you know, if she can do it, I can do it,”‘ Clinton recalled the woman saying.

‘And I just grabbed her hands and by then I had tears in my eyes and she had tears in her eyes and I said, “Never quit on yourself, never, ever quit.” And she said, “Now I won’t, I won’t,”‘ Clinton remembered.

The ex-Democratic hopeful said a lot of what she heard on her book tour, which she launched in September, was like that.

‘Or, you know, a young man came to my book signing who basically said, “You gave me the courage to have a conversation with my parents about being gay,”‘ Clinton recalled. ‘And I said, “Well, how’d it go?” And he said, “It went OK.”‘

Linking to the interview from her tweet, Clinton praised her supporters, and readers, ‘activism, their courage, & their resilience.’

In a third tweet on Tuesday, Clinton inserted a photo collage showing off some of the most colorful Hillary fashion.

‘And on top of that, you can’t beat a little book signing wardrobe fun,’ Clinton wrote.

She included photos of two girls, who looked like twins, wearing identical shirts splattered with Clinton’s face and she featured another supporter wearing a t-shirt that said, ‘stop pretending your racism is patriotism.’

Clinton’s latest postings come during a week that her husband’s sexual misdeeds from the 90s have entered the political dialogue once again.

As allegations have come out about Republican Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore and Democrats, Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota and Rep. John Conyers of Michigan, some Democrats have dredged up Bill Clinton’s past, especially the allegations of rape and sexual harassment that flew under-the-radar when first reported.