Hillary brags that Bill Clinton didn’t use Twitter when he was President

Her party has abandoned her, her voters are sick of her, and pretty much everyone wishes she’d just go away. That would be enough to silence any normal politician. But, as we all know, Hillary is anything but “normal.” For whatever reason, she’s still roaming the countryside doing interviews, selling books, and desperately clinging to the rapidly waning glow of the spotlight.

Given the current political climate, you’d assume every question she takes would be about her husband’s status as America’s most famous sexual predator. That’s not the case. Leftists seem to think her opinions on the Trump presidency are relevant. So, they ask he questions about the current administration.

Hillary uses them to spin wild yarns about the “good ol’ days” when she functioned as a prop designed to maintain the illusion that Bill was a loving husband. …Because, let’s face it, whatever else she may have done as First Lady, that was her real job.

Bill’s tenure as Commander in Chief, she says, was all about getting the job done. According to Hillary, he was a hard worker, and he didn’t let himself get distracted by technologies that didn’t exist yet.

Specifically, she says, he didn’t use Twitter.

Faced with a challenge, Hillary says Bill “didn’t tweet about it, he went to work about it, and he actually got things done.”

Bill Clinton was president from 1993 to 2001. Twitter didn’t exist until 2006. That means Bill had Twitter’s complete non-existence to help keep his hands off the keyboard and busy with the “important stuff” – things like pizza and cigars.