Hillary Clinton slams Kavanaugh’s record on workers’ rights in Labor Day message

Hillary Clinton marked Labor Day with a series of labor-related tweets, highlighting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s record on workers’ rights.

They included, “In 2007, Kavanaugh wrote an opinion that severely limited union rights and allowed major damage to federal workers’ ability to bargain collectively,” and, “In 2014, he dissented in a case where the Occupational Safety and Health Administration held SeaWorld accountable for the death of a trainer.”

“Unions and labor movements are why we have workplace safety precautions, collective bargaining, weekends, minimum wages, and, yes, Labor Day,” she also wrote. “We can’t afford more damage to workers’ rights. Make sure your senators hear from you: Let’s #StopKavanaugh.”

Clinton’s tweets come just one day before the start of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. His nomination has been controversial for a number of reasons.

Besides his record, “some Democrats question the legitimacy of a Supreme Court appointment by a president under investigation over his campaign’s ties to Russia and what critics call obstruction of justice,” notes the New York Times.