Ivanka Trump celebrates 8th wedding anniversary with husband

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner celebrated eight years of marriage on Wednesday.

Ivanka, 35, and Jared, 36, have been a couple since 2005 and were married on October 25, 2009.

The couple was married five days before Ivanka’s birthday. The Washington power couple commemorated their eight years together with matching Instagram posts from their wedding.

Ivanka captioned hers: ‘Happy eight-year anniversary to the love of my life!’

Jared captioned his: ‘Happy anniversary Jared and Ivanka! 8 years’

Ivanka’s post has, as of early Thursday morning, been liked more than 145,000 times. Jared’s has received around 400 likes.

Donald Trump also reposted the photo on Instagram, with accompanying caption: ‘Happy Anniversary Ivanka & Jared!!’

His post has been liked more than 50,000 times.

The first daughter and Jared have three children together: six-year-old Arabella, four-year-old Joseph, and one-year-old Theodore.

It appears that they had an ‘all-work-and-no-play’ day for their anniversary.

Ivanka headed out for a day of work on Wednesday morning dressed in plaid from head to toes thanks to a black and white pantsuit.

She was photographed leaving her home in the upscale neighborhood of Kalorama in Washington this morning, having paired the ensemble with a dark blue top.

She finished off her outfit with matching blue stilettos with three-inch heels, as well as a pair of earrings made out of a string of four spheres.

Kushner was also seen heading out of their family home this morning, carrying a messenger bag and a bulkier one fit for short-term travel.

He loaded his belongings into the trunk of a white SUV, which was waiting for him outside.

On Capitol Hill Wednesday, Ivanka discussed the proposed child tax credit with Republican House member and senators.

Republican lawmakers hailed her as an ‘an amazing champion’ for families and thanked her for her leadership at a Wednesday afternoon event on Capitol Hill.