“Just to be clear, there are no allegations against the President Trump’

Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo dismissed the more than a dozen women accusing President Donald Trump of sexual assault by claiming there are “no allegations” against him Friday.

During a discussion about Senator Al Franken‘s behavior, Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo said that there are “no allegations” against President Trump.

The panel tore into Franken over his gross behavior and the photo that’s been going around.

Bartiromo then brought up Senator Kirsten Gillibrand saying this week Bill Clinton should have resigned.

Chris Lu, former deputy Secretary of Labor in the Obama administration, noted the context Gillibrand gave before bringing up the Access Hollywood tape and the allegations against Roy Moore.

Bartiromo pointed out in the Franken case, there’s a pretty clear picture backing up the allegation against him.

Lu noted the multiple women who have made allegations against Moore, adding, “there’s probably an equal number that have made allegations against the President.”

And then Bartiromo said, “Just to be clear, there are no allegations against the President.”

Lu reminded Bartiromo there are allegations that arose regarding behavior from years ago, and Bartiromo continued:

“He said during the campaign that wasn’t true. In fact, didn’t he say also that, you know, all of this will come to light and there will be a lawsuit? I mean… we’re talking about a situation where we have a picture with the guy’s hands on her breasts. You can’t compare the two, Chris.”

She said he’s comparing “apples to oranges” because “it’s not the same at all.”