Kate Winslet agrees Jack could have been saved in Titanic

It’s a question that fans are still asking 20 years after the release of Titanic – could Jack have survived?

And now Kate Winslet, who played Rose in the 1997 hit, has revealed she thinks the star-crossed lovers could have both survived if Rose hadn’t let go of Jack’s hand.

Speaking at an event on Thursday Winslet discussed the iconic scene where Jack (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) froze to death in the water as Rose lay floating on a door.

The actress joined Titanic co-star Kathy Bates at the SAG AFTRA Foundation 2nd Annual Patron of the Artists Awards.

While introducing Winslet, 42, on stage, Bates said: ‘In one of Cinema’s most tragic love scenes Jack insists that Rose must survive, her heart will go on,

‘He lets go of her hand and sinks into the depth of the Atlantic. And I personally think that there was plenty of room on there!’

When Winslet got to the stage she admitted that there was probably room for both Jack and Rose on the wooden float.

‘I completely agree with you on that door,’ she said. ‘He could have fit on it! He could have fit on that door!’

Winslet and DiCaprio are still best friends after all these years and the actress opened up about their friendship in Glamour’s October issue.

‘We’re very, very close and sometimes we do quote the odd Titanic line back and forth to each other,’ Winslet explained.

‘Because only we can, and we find it really funny.’ she added.

But much to their fans’ disappointment the duo have never dated offscreen, as the Revolution Road star revealed on ITV’s Lorraine last month.

‘For Leo and I, I think it was seven months of very intense work, she said, adding,’We were both really very young, and luckily — and this is the fortunate thing — we never fancied each other. I know that’s really annoying to hear, I’m sorry, but we really never did.’