Liberals cried: President Trump lets an 11-year-old boy mow the White House lawn

Some people seem determined to always cast President Trump in a negative light. The man just can’t win no matter what he does. When the Commander in Chief took an 11-year-old boy up on his request to mow the White House lawn, many saw the humor in the situation and felt it helped to humanize the president. The left, however, was appalled.

Frank Giaccio, who is 11, wrote a letter to Trump asking for the job as he wanted to show that even youngsters have what it takes to become entrepreneurs. In the same letter, he explained that he admired Trump’s business background, probably imagining himself as the next real estate mogul.

Pictures of Giaccio and Trump together quickly went viral with many applauding Trump for reaching out to the child. The left, however, somehow found a way to twist the president’s kind act into something more sinister.

Liberals cried the president was violating “child labor laws” even though he took no money from the boy.

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