Lisa Bloom tried to bag ‘donations’ for Trump accusers

Celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom tried to bag ‘donations’ of up to $750,000 for women accusing President Trump of sexual harassment during the 2016 election, it has been revealed.

Bloom, who prides herself on representing sexual assault accusers pro-bono, also tried to land commissions for herself by having them sell their stories to television and media outlets for a fee which she would take a cut out of.

She worked with four separate women, including two who have never come forward, who alleged sexual misconduct against the president.

Her attempts to secure payment for them were revealed by The Hill on Friday and confirmed by the 56-year-old later in a lengthy statement in which she called the journalist who revealed them biased and insisted she had done nothing wrong.

Later, she shared the phone number, email address and IP address of someone who sent her an abusive email.

None of the women say that Bloom encouraged them to be dishonest but they say they were surprised by her eagerness for them to go public with their claims before election day.

One, who never went public with her story but demanded escalating amounts from donors at the time, said she was disgusted by Bloom’s recent and brief representation of Harvey Weinstein and that this was why she had now chosen to speak out.

‘I couldn’t understand how she could say she was for people like me and then represent someone like him. And then all the money stuff I knew about. I just became frustrated,’ she said.

The attempts include requests to Clinton Super Pacs which refused to pay.

The donors who were willing to pay have not been named. Bloom claims they ‘approached’ her ‘out of the blue’ after another accuser backed out of a November 2 press conference because she was afraid.

The donors, Bloom said, did not want another woman to fear the same rebuke and so offered the cash to give them peace of mind about speaking out.

She insisted she had no contact with Clinton or anyone from her campaign.

In one case, the lawyer and her husband set up a GoFundMe page for one accuser, Jill Harth, to ‘get her back on her feet’.

It only raised $2,300 but the same woman had her mortgage paid off by an unnamed donor.

The most tenacious attempts were to secure money for a woman who never ended up going public with her story against Trump.

At one stage, Bloom claims she asked for as much as $2million to be able to ‘relocate’ with her daughter after announcing her accusations. She cooperated with The Hill to share how Bloom tried to get her money.

In her claims to the newspaper, the woman claimed Bloom was in a hurry to have her share her story before the November 8 election.

They exchanged numerous text messages where they discussed what Bloom could ‘get’ for her.

One week before election day and after ‘weeks of back and forth’, Bloom sent her a text message which read: ‘Give us a clear sense of what you need and we will see if it we can get it.’

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