Meet the woman who became the first transgender judge in India

A woman who became India’s first transgender judge in July says she continues to fight for justice and respect.

Joyita Mondal was appointed as a Lok Adalat judge in north Bengal three months ago in a historic appointment that she hopes will pave the way for other people.

The 29-year-old was once made homeless and forced to turn to begging because of the discrimination she faced.

But after working for transgender rights organisations she says she was inspired to complete a law degree – to be able to fight for anyone facing social discrimination.

“Tell me about yourself; whatever you have encountered so far?”

This was a question that was asked to Joyita. She kept quiet for a while and then uttered these hard-hitting words, “Have you ever felt a stifling feeling around your throat, a sensation that does not allow you to breathe? I have had such a feeling from my childhood and did not know how to tackle the situation.”