Melania Trump’s approval rating ticks up after trip to Africa

First lady Melania Trump’s approval rating is on the rise in a CNN poll taken after her trip to Africa.

Her favorability ticked up to 54 percent in the survey that was conducted Thursday through Sunday. That’s several points higher than the last time that CNN polled the first lady’s popularity in June.

It’s also just three points lower than her all-time high in May, when she had a 57 percent approval rating. Her worst scores were in 2016 in the midst of the Republican primary.

Melania Trump is more popular than her husband, who’s favorability score in the Rasmussen presidential approval poll he loves to cite topped out at 49 percent on Friday.

Her approval ratings have consistently been lower than other recent first ladies such as Michelle Obama, however, who routinely scored in the ’70s.

In a June poll commissioned by CNN, the sitting first lady had an approval rating on the cusp at 51 percent. That was before she was observed sporting a jacket that read, ‘I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?’

Prior to her May high of 57 percent she had never topped the 50 percent in any of CNN’s surveys, after a slow start of 24 percent in February of 2016.

Her gains have mainly been among voters who didn’t know much about her or had no opinion. As awareness of her has increased, so has her approval rating. The percentage of voters who do not approve of her now, 30 percent, is roughly the same as it was when CNN first asked about her in 2016, 31 percent, after topping out at 38 percent in April of 2017.

CNN’s latest survey dropped just as ABC News began airing clips of an interview Melania participated in at the end of her four-nation tour of Africa.