Michelle Obama’s condescending and disgracefully out of touch advice to job-seeking women

Isn’t Michelle Obama adorable? She actually thinks she is a typical woman in the United States, and that she can speak for all of us.

Michelle says she has no interest in running for president, trying to shatter what Hillary Clinton called the “highest and hardest glass ceiling,” but she might consider bursting out of that elitist, condescending Beltway Bubble.

Speaking recently at the Pennsylvania Conference for Women, Obama pushed women to speak up for themselves in the workplace. “Don’t waste your seat at the table,” she said. “If you are scared to use your voice, then you’ve got to get up and give it to someone who isn’t afraid to use the spot.”

Such good advice, coming from someone whose idea of hardship was graduating from Princeton University and Harvard Law School, and whose husband has always been there to provide for her.

To most women, Michelle Obama seems to have enjoyed a dream life. Married to a political supernova, spending eight years in the White House (which she once described as having “prisonlike elements”), moving on to a life of luxury and power; she has no idea how the real world functions. Her advice could get a lot of women fired.

In other words, she thinks women who voted for Trump did as they were told. And yet, isn’t that what Michelle is doing? Telling women what to think and what to say?