Obama speechwriter dresses as Jared Kushner in handcuffs for Halloween

A former speechwriter for President Barack Obama showed his disregard for Jared Kushner over the weekend by dressing up like the White House adviser at a Halloween party.

Jon Favreau wore a pair of khakis and navy blazer under a flak jacket with a piece of duct tape running across that read ‘KUSHNER’ on Saturday, just like the adviser wore on his April visit to Iraq.

He was mocked at the time for keeping his blazer on under the flak jacket.

The ‘Pod Save America’ host got his wife to join in the fun too, with Emily Favreau wearing a hot pink dress and holding a copy of ‘The Trump Card,’ looking just like Ivanka on the November 2009 issue of ‘Quest.’

And to finish it all off, the couple handcuffed themselves to one another, posting a photo of the final look on Twitter where Jon wrote: ‘Early case of the Mondays?’

Jon’s Twitter caption was a clear nod to the news on Friday that Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller would be making his first indictments following his team’s Russia probe.

His dig was no match for his wife’s wit however, with Emily retweeting that photo and captioning it with a quote from Ivanka’s sit down with Gayle King on ‘CBS This Morning’ after she accepted a position in her father’s administration.

‘If being complicit is wanting to be a force for good and to make a positive impact, then I’m complicit,’ wrote Emily.

Kushner and Ivanka can now thank the couple for their surge in popularity as at least 10 people commented on their tweets by posting photos dressed as the aides.