President Trump makes his first, historic visit to Japan

In Japan, President Donald Trump is the ultimate culinary trendsetter as natives residents flock to local restaurants to have what he had.

Trump started his first official visit to Asia with a stop in Japan, during which time Prime Minister Shinzo Abe — apparently having done his homework — treated the president to standard American fan favorites including hamburgers and steak.

Abe posted a tweet of himself and Trump at Kasumigaseki Country Club in Saitama Prefecture on November 4, saying that the two heads of state were ‘getting down to business right away over hamburgers.’

The photo of the pair, sitting in front of picture perfect hamburgers, prompted a flurry of media reports revealing that Abe had asked popular Tokyo chain Munch’s Burger Shack chef/owner Yutaka Yanagisawa to do the honors of preparing their meals while at the golf club.

It turned out that Yanagisawa whipped up a $10 Colby Jack cheeseburger — well done, Trump’s seeming preferred level of doneness, with lettuce and tomato — and fries for the president, which was accompanied by a tall glass of soda and bottles of Heinz ketchup and mustard. Trump deemed the cheeseburger to be ‘very good,’ Grubstreet reports.

During the president’s visit, Abe also took him to Tokyo’s Ginza Ukai Tei, which serves high-end, iron griddle-cooked teppanyaki — a style of cooking made famous around America thanks to Benihana.

According to the Ukai Tei chain restaurant, the heads of state and their spouses ate a ‘special menu,’ which consisted of ‘best quality’ steak and grilled scallops. For desert, it was a chocolate sundae, despite Trump’s known admiration for chocolate cake.

The restaurant also reported a seven per cent rise in company share prices following Trump and Abe’s visit to the Ginza location.