‘President Trump – save our FIVE babies’: Pregnant woman and husband appeal to White House

A California couple expecting quintuplets have called on President Trump in a dire request for help obtaining out-of-network medical care for a high-risk pregnancy.

Chad and Amy Kempel were stunned when they received results earlier this year of their test after the pair set out plans for a third and final child to complete the family unit.

Now, the Bay Area parents are overcome with fear and uncertainty as they near the delivery date of the five babies – which doctors have warned could likely result in unfortunate circumstances.

Four years ago, mother Amy, now 34, lost her first set of twins, Marshall and Spencer, shortly after giving birth.

The couple went on to get pregnant again with two healthy daughters – Savannah, 3 and Avery, 17 months.

Now, they are left battling with their health care provider, Kaiser Permanente, over a costly yet necessary request for a high-risk pregnancy specialist in Arizona for the birth of the quintuplets.

The couple shared their story with The Mercury News this week, where sullen mother Amy said: ‘We’re destined for another funeral.’

The mother, nearly 21 weeks along, is just shy of her expected due date as the ‘average gestation for quintuplets is only 27 weeks,’ the Phoenix perinatal specialist, John Elliott, said.

The financial debacle with the healthcare provider left the family feeling defeated, as Kaiser simply assured Walnut Creek could provide ‘the necessary experience and resources (of) high quality care.’

Amy said ‘every minute of the day feels like a fight,’ while adding that the couple were forced to write California Gov. Jerry Brown and the White House – as well as a California public health department.

So far, they have received little to no response about the urgent matter.

Father Chad, 36, was aghast after learning he and his wife may be forced to ‘selectively reduce’ fetuses to assure the babies and mother keep healthy.

‘We just said we can’t go through with that. So here we are,’ Chad said.

When speaking of his ongoing consult with doctor Elliot, Chad said: ‘Most people have this idea there’s nothing they can do and there are things he’s doing that are stopping labor.’

The concerned couple even held off on purchasing toys and furniture for the babies – after being left with a daunting task of ridding items from their first failed pregnancy with the twins.

‘That’s a place we don’t want to go,’ dad added.

The California-based care company provided their statement to the newspaper.

‘We understand that this is both a joyful and a stressful time for Ms. Kempel and her family,’ said senior vice president of Kaiser Walnut Creek, Colleen McKeown.

‘The neonatal intensive care unit is where the Kempels would deliver their babies.

‘Our priority is the health and well-being of Ms. Kempel and her babies, and we are committed to continuing to work closely with her to provide the care and support they need.’