Strange but true? Donald Trump could be related to 16th century cannibal serial killer ‘The Werewolf of Bedburg’

Donald Trump could be related to a 16th century cannibal serial killer, MirrorOnline can reveal.

Academics investigating the infamous tale of Peter Stumpf, nicknamed the ‘Werewolf of Bedburg’, turned up shock evidence that may point towards the US President’s German ancestry.

Stumpf was a farmer convicted of murdering at least 13 children and two pregnant women before devouring parts of their corpses.

He was also said to have mutilated cattle, had incestuous relationships with his daughter and sister, and murdered his own young son before eating his brain.

Stumpf was executed in 1589 and the case has fascinated scholars for centuries as one of the earliest examples of werewolf mythology.

Dr Kevin Pittle, an anthropologist at Biola University in Southern California, was re-examining it ahead of a talk on Halloween when he made a startling discovery.

According to surviving documents, Stumpf was put to death alongside his lover ‘Katharina Trump’ who was convicted of aiding his grisly crimes.

Intrigued by the famous name, Dr Pittle decided to examine Katharina’s story further with colleagues.

His team now believes evidence including ancestry records and socio-linguistic factors mean it is “possible” that Katharina Trump can be traced all the way back to the US President.