‘This is the Trump era’: California Trump supporter harasses a lesbian couple

A Donald Trump supporter was caught on camera telling a lesbian couple that they would ‘burn in hell’ for being gay and welcomed them to the ‘Trump era’.

Jessica Lundquist and Tiffany Steinberg were enjoying an evening out strolling down the Huntington Beach Pier hand-in-hand when they were approached by Anthony Miskulin.

Steinberg said her girlfriend was Snapchatting when Miskulin walked right up to them. In the caption of the their video, Steinberg says he ‘got all up in’ Lundquist’s face and started calling them sinners.

The video starts off showing Miskulin walking alongside the couple as they tried to walk the other away.

But he continues to follow them through the area, telling them that they are ‘exchanging normal sexual behaviors with abnormal ones’.

‘Once you’re in hell, you can never leave hell,’ Miskulin says.

‘I don’t care!’ Steinberg is heard yelling at the man, who asks them if they would like to pray together.

When they both decline, Miskulin continues to follow Steinberg and Lundquist, who are both YouTubers, down the pier.

He then babbles that they are ‘going to burn in hell’ before telling them that it seems like they have had issues with men.

‘I am gay everyone. I would just like you to know. I am gay and I’m burning in hell. Just wanted you to know that this guy doesn’t agree but I am gay. Thank you everyone,’ Steinberg shouts.

‘Is this your first time in Orange County?’ the man asks. ‘No I live here,’ Steinberg replies.

‘You’re kidding me?’ the man said before asking Steinberg if she is a Democrat.

When she answers ‘yes’, the guy asks: ‘Oh my God they let you move here?’

Moments later, a bystander comes up to couple and the man and asks if everything is okay.

Steinberg is heard telling the woman that the man has been harassing them. ‘Harassment is not legal,’ the girl is heard saying in the background.

The man then claims he’s a criminal defense attorney (which was a lie) before he says he’s exercising his freedom of speech.