Trump gives his administration a TEN for the Puerto Rico recovery

Donald Trump says during a meeting with Puerto Rican Gov Ricardo Rossello that he gives his administration a TEN for the Puerto Rico recovery efforts.

President Donald Trump gave his administration the highest commendation for its storm recovery response in Puerto Rico on Thursday during a meeting with the U.S. territory’s governor.

‘I’d say it was a ten. I’d say it was probably the most difficult,’ he said. ‘I think it was worse than Katrina. It was – in many ways worse than anything people have ever seen.’

Sitting beside Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello in the Oval Office, Trump said, ‘I think we did a fantastic job.’

In the long question and answer session with reporters before a private meeting with the Democrat, Trump doubled down on his controversial claim that federal emergency managers can’t be in the territory forever.

Trump also said that Congress and Puerto Rico will need to come up with a plan to address the substantial debt the island was in before it was wrecked by two catastrophic storms.

‘I will say that I have given my blessing to Congress and Congress is working with you and your representatives on coming up with a plan, and a payment plan, and how it’s all going to be funded. Because you are talking about some substantial numbers – and I guess you knew that,’ Trump stated.

An official death toll claims 48 people lost their lives in Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Those numbers have been questioned by storm watchers who say it’s probably higher than what was reported.