Trump Hails New Era of Global Competition, Says ‘America is Going to Win’

U.S. President Donald Trump warned Monday the country’s greatness is being challenged by rival powers, but promised the country would use “every instrument” at its disposal to ignite what he portrayed as an American awakening.

Laying out his new national security strategy during a speech in Washington, Trump pointed to Russia and China as his chief concerns, saying both countries “seek to challenge American values, influence and wealth.”

But he promised that Washington, under his leadership, would not back down.

“Whether we like it or not, we are engaged in a new era of competition,” Trump said, cautioning, “American success is not a foregone conclusion.”

“We are declaring that America is in the game and that America is going to win,” he said.

Trump said the new national security strategy, which he described as a return to the wisdom of the country’s founding fathers, would be a roadmap to greatness.

In recent days, senior officials had promoted the new strategy, 11 months in the making, as a “clear and actionable playbook” designed to take on growing threats by focusing on safeguarding U.S. vital interests.

“The global balance of power has shifted in unfavorable manners to American interests,” a senior administration official said. “This new strategy presents a plan of how America can regain momentum to reverse many of these trends.”

Trump on Monday repeatedly criticized past U.S. leaders.

“They lost sight of America’s destiny, and they lost their belief in American greatness,” he said. “They surrendered our sovereignty to foreign bureaucrats in far away and distant capitals.”

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