Trump invites Justin Trudeau to discuss trade in the White House

US President Donald Trump invites Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to discuss trade agreement with Canada and Mexico in the WHITE House.

President Donald Trump sought to butter up Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday before their afternoon chat about a trade agreement between the two countries and Mexico that Trump believes is deeply unfair to the United States.

Trump labeled Trudeau a ‘great prime minister’ during a photo op at the White House’s South Portico. He said later, in the Oval Office, that the two countries are ‘as close as ever’ now that he’s in charge.

The president referred to Trudeau as a ‘man who has become a friend of mine,’ during their extended greeting, prompting the Canadian PM to say, ‘We have an incredibly close relationship.’

They had just given each other a warm hello, full of hugging and patting, as Trudeau and his wife Sophie arrived for their meeting with the president and first lady.

Once in the Oval, Trump treated Trudeau to one of his famously strong handshakes.