Trump says ‘gravy train ended’ for health insurance companies

President Trump said that “the gravy train ended the day I knocked out the insurance company’s money,” while expressing confidence that a new and improved healthcare system would emerge.

President Donald Trump said Monday that Obamacare is ‘finished,’ ‘dead,’ and ‘gone’ as he bragged about ending subsidies to insurers.

‘I cut off the gravy train,’ Trump boasted during a meeting with his Cabinet, calling the payments a ‘disgrace’ because they pad the pockets of insurers instead of helping poor people.

The president claimed a ‘short-term fix’ to the health law under development in Congress that may have the support of Democrats.

A permanent replacement will be ready by next spring, he said then, and again later during an impromptu news conference where he said the sluggish pace of of Republicans’ repeal and replace efforts doesn’t mean health reform is doomed.

Standing next to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Trump noted that other administrations pursued health reform for years before they made progress.

‘This man is going to get it done, and I think get it done long before anybody else, and I think it’s going to be a great healthcare,’ Trump said.

Trump said Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill had been engaged in emergency talks since he issued an executive order last week ending cost-sharing reduction payments to insurers.

The federal government has paid out about $7 billion of that money already this year.

A White House statement last Thursday evening pointed to a federal court ruling that said the payments were never authorized by Congress as justification for Trump’s decision to end the subsidies.