Trump says Las Vegas shooter is a ‘very sick individual’

President Donald Trump tore into the Las Vegas shooter as a ‘demented, sick individual’ on Monday morning during a meeting with his Cabinet where he also unloaded on ‘obstruction’ from Democrats, welfare recipients ‘taking advantage’ of the system and health insurance providers relying on the Obamacare ‘gravy train.’

He also commented on the wildfires in California, saying they were a ‘very, very sad thing to watch.’

‘We also continue to pray for the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. We cannot erase the pain of those who lost their loved ones, but we pledge to never leave their side,’ Trump added.

The FBI and the Justice Department are working with local police on the crime, the president said.

‘I guess a lot of people think they understand what happened but he’s, he was a demented sick individual,’ Trump asserted. ‘The wires were crossed pretty badly in his brain, and it’s a very sad event.’

Trump said that ‘in each of the tragedies we’ve witnessed, however, tremendous strength and heroism of our people…When Americans are unified no destructive force on earth can even come close to breaking us apart.’

Flanked by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and Secretary of Defense, Trump also hailed his Cabinet as having a ‘tremendous amount of talent,’ putting aside prior rifts with Tillerson and Justice Department head Jeff Sessions.

‘The Justice Department is dong a fantastic job on the border, and with regard to immigration – more than anyone’s ever seen before from a Justice Department. Thank you, Jeff,’ Trump said.