Trump tells supporters to vote for him so he isn’t impeached

President Donald Trump has told his supporters the blame is on them if he gets impeached and claims it could lead to the US one day becoming a third world country.

Trump raised the specter of impeachment if Democrats win control of Congress during his rally in Billings, Montana on Thursday night.

He warned that a Democratic-controlled Congress would pursue impeachment despite the strong economy and set a precedent that would hurt future presidents.

A few Democratic lawmakers have called for Trump to be removed from office.

‘Let’s say a Democrat gets elected and let’s say we have a Republican House. We will impeach that Democrat, right?’ Trump said.

‘You’re going to have a country that’s going to turn into a third-world country because if the opposite party becomes president, every time before it even starts, before you even found out whether or not he or she is going to do a great job, they’ll say, ‘We want to impeach him!”

‘If it does happen, it’s your fault because you didn’t go out to vote.’

Trump continued on the topic of impeachment, saying: ‘How do you impeach somebody that’s doing a great job, that hasn’t done anything wrong?

‘Our economy is good. How do you do it? How do you do it? How do you do it?’

He warned his supporters: ‘You are not just voting for a candidate, you are voting for which party controls Congress. Very important thing. Very important thing.’

Trump was in Montana to support Senate candidate Matt Rosendale who is challenging Democratic Sen. Jon Tester – a top GOP target in the mid-term elections.

As he stood alongside Rosendale, Trump said Tester ‘will never drain the swamp because he happens to live in the swamp.’

Seeking to portray the Montana farmer as a tool of liberal Democrats, Trump said: ‘Jon Tester talks like he’s from Montana, but he votes like he’s Nancy Pelosi’ – a reference to the House minority leader, a frequent Trump target.