Trump vows to overhaul immigration system after NY attack

President Donald Trump pledged to end chain migration and the visa lottery system on Tuesday in response to an attempted terror attack.

Trump recommitted to a total overhaul of the nation’s green card and immigration system in his first on-camera remarks on an explosion yesterday in Manhattan.

‘The lottery system and chain migration, we’re gonna end them fast. Congress must get involved immediately, and they are involved immediately,’ he said. ‘And I can tell you, we have tremendous support. They will be ended.’

The president was signing a bill that authorized more spending on the nation’s defense in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. He said the bill that allows for a larger military footprint could not have come at a ‘more opportune or important time’ in the context of the two recent assaults on New York.

‘These attacks underscore the dangers we face from around the globe,’ the president stated.

Democrats and Republicans are currently locked in a battle over government spending right now that Trump asked lawmakers to separate from a fight on the immigration system.

Some Democrats have said they will force a government shutdown if a long-term appropriations bill does not protect illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children. Trump’s reply has been that he will not accept legislation that deals with immigration until he gets the permission he’s seeking to restructure the system.

In addition to the funding he’s demanding for a border wall, Trump also wants the government to move to a merit-based immigration system to cut down on the number of people using familial ties as justification for their entry to the U.S.

Trump signed legislation on Tuesday that authorizes the Pentagon to spend more money on military aircraft, submarines and the soldiers themselves but does not deliver the money to the armed services. The funds themselves are tied up in the broader appropriations bill.

The military is further prohibited from receiving part of the money Trump approved today with the National Defense Authorization Act by a bill that was passed in 2011 that introduced the government sequester.